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Glacier National Park

5-10 July 2015

BJ, Kaylee, and I camped at the Fish Creek camp ground from 5-10 July and used it as our base of operations for a number of day hikes and adventures.

Inside Lake McDonald Lodge. We enjoyed dinner there one night.

BJ perched above Avalanche Creek.

Avalanche Creek

Avalanche Creek

Avalanche Creek

Avalanche Creek

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake, the far side.

Baring Falls.

A black bear crossed the trail in front of us as we neared St. Mary's Falls. He was entirely disinterested in us. This is the first time any of us have seen a bear in the wild.

The view from St. Mary's Falls. (The falls are behind me.)

St. Mary's Falls

St. Mary's Falls. It's really that color blue.

The photo contest of the trip. We probably have 60 shots of this.

On the way to Virginia Falls.

Virginia Falls

The creek below Virginia Falls.

Kaylee sitting below Virginia Falls.

Virginia Falls

Virginia Falls

Another shot from St. Mary's Falls. The lighting was better on the way back.

St. Mary's Lake.

Along the Highline Trail. We hiked from Logan Pass to Granite Chalet then descended back to The Loop (the one hairpin turn on Going To The Sun road). Total mileage was just under 12 miles. We got started later than we wanted due to the number of other folks trying to catch the shuttle at the Loop in the morning. Mt. Oberlin is on the right. You'll see it again in the distance in later shots. You can see Going to the Sun road below us.

Mountain goat along the Highline Trail.

Ground squirrel along the Highline Trail.

Highline Trail

Highline Trail

Highline Trail

Bear grass along the Highline Trail. You can see Going to the Sun road snake along the mountain. The tall peak in the distant center is Mount Oberlin (pretty sure!), near where we started the hike at Logan Pass.

Baby mountain goat along the Highline Trail

Highline Trail

This marmot was not about to get off the trail. We had to keep backing up to stay out of his way.

"Attack Marmot"

He eventually posed for a shot.

Highline Trail

Kaylee with the Granite Park Chalet in the background.

Kaylee at the Granite Park Chalet (it's behind me).

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